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CHITRA SHANKAR- an exponent of Odissi and Bharatanatyam

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Bali Arts Festival 2007,  16 June- 15 July, 2007


The Balinese offer gloriously to the Hindu sacrificing concept called Yagna.  The offering they commit is in the form of masterpieces of their work.  This has been the traditional means to encourage the Balinese to work consistently and in multiple dimensions and offer their creations to their Hindu God. 
The Bali Arts Festival gives opportunity and accommodates the aspirations of the community to discover, guide and preserve the culture by developing the talents of the Balinese people through- cultural processions, performance, competition, exhibition and symposiums.
The theme of 29th Bali Arts Festival celebrates the actualization of heroism and spirit towards the prosperity of society.


Chitra and her students were invited by Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Bali and Apsara Asia, Singapore to showcase Indian dance forms- the classical and the contemporary evolution at this festival. The events were a grand success.
According to Bali Post, the dance was "very impressive".  Refer the review at  http://www.balipost.com/balipostcetak/2007/6/19/b7.htm
The event was also covered by the Hindustan Times in its on-line edition on the 19th June 2007.
The Apsara Asia dance event on the 19th June 2007 included some contemporary dances that were presented as a medley, together with the classical style.  This was part of showcasing the multi-cultural, multi-racial nature of the Singapore society. 

    World Dance Alliance (Singapore) Conference,  Asia-Pacific Dance Bridge- Exploring Partnerships, Singapore, June 7-10, 2007


Exploring Partnerships aim to further cultivate dance connectivity, focusing on partnership possibilities in the areas of creation and presentation; management and promotion, status and welfare; education and training; as well as research and documentation.

The four day event was held in association with The Singapore Arts Festival and took place at various venues located in
Singapore's burgeoning "arts district".  The representative conference components are World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific Regional Congress; Symposia; Choreographic Lab; Performance Showcase and Workshop.


Chitra Shankar was among the two senior choreographers worldwide, who were selected to experiment, train and present a creative work-in-progress- based on bringing together globally different styles of dance into a single creative work of art. 


Chitra worked with legendary choreographers - Mdm Liu from Taiwan and Nanette Hassell from Australia to learn, adapt and experiment a dance form for the event and as part of her own exploratory growth process.


She collaborated with dancers from Australia, Indonesia and Singapore to present an 8 minute dance – incorporating elements of dance from classical Indian dance styles, the Australian aboriginal styles, the Javanese dance style as well as contemporary dance movements.